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This page contains articles and press releases relating to the EDM Council, our member firms and the industry as a whole. Documents are presented here in order, most recent first.


The Data-centric Solution to Asset Managers’ 2018 Challenges
Gresham Technologies’ Jan Dinger and Scott Knous of Olmstead Associates sat down with EDM Council’s Executive Director, John Bottega, to assess these shifting pressures, and discuss why being more data-centric can help firms execute their transformation initiatives with a greater probability of success. Article Published by Head of Trading and ISS Magazine.
26 March 2018 - 460.42KB
The Emergence of the Chief Data Officer
What we know for sure is that the board-level role of Chief Data Officer is on the rise. Google Trends shows waning public interest in CIO and CTO searches as CDOs rise from the depths of obscurity into the limelight. Gartner estimates that “90 percent of large companies will have a CDO role by the end of 2019.” A report published by Exago.
22 March 2018 - 327.43KB


John Bottega Appointed EDM Council Interim Managing Director
Michael Atkin Continues as Key Council Contributor Focusing on Research and Education
30 November 2017 - 227.34KB
EDM Council, Columbia University Partner for Data Management Course
A dozen Columbia University students are making history by incorporating a data management module into their finance- related degrees, developed in partnership with the EDM Council. A report by Joanne Faulkner, Inside Reference Data
18 July 2017 - 385.72KB
EDM Council Advances Industry Standard to Harmonize Financial Data
....Incorporates Semantic Web Tools and Principles to Accelerate Adoption The Enterprise Data Management has released a new version of its Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) along with new tools and functionality to accelerate adoption of the industry standard.
26 October 2017 - 302.71KB
Schema.org, EDM Council Partner to Create Smarter Searching for Financial Markets Websites
Lending and retail banking businesses earmarked for first full-scale implementations
03 May 2017 - 113.93KB
Industry Research Finds Significant Progress in Data Governance, but Major Challenges in Data Quality Remain
2017 DCAM Data Management Benchmarking Study Spotlights Progress and Identifies Key Challenges
27 July 2017 - 413.57KB


EDM Council, OMG Build a Rosetta Stone for Data
Article published in FTF News: FIBO’s goal of becoming the Rosetta Stone for data and its importance for standardizing data reporting in light of current and upcoming regulations.
21 July 2015 - 101.23KB
EDM Council Appoints Mike Meriton to Head Commercial Services
Press Release: Founder of Council to manage commercial strategy and implementation for next phase of development
08 April 2015 - 112.70KB
EDM Council to Perform Data Management Benchmarking Study of the Global Financial Industry
Benchmarking Measures Capability Based on Industry-Wide Best Practices
17 June 2015 - 136.05KB
DCAM Harmonizes the Data for the Prime Goal
Published in FTF News by Eugene Grygo
26 February 2015 - 71.42KB
EDM Council Hopes to Spark an Ontology Revolution
FTF News: The first of 30 FIBO Foundations standards is emerging and its backers say what’s to come will be the most important development for data management.
12 June 2015 - 65.05KB
DCAM Harmonizes the Data for the Prime Goal
Published in FTF News by Eugene Grygo
26 February 2015 - 71.42KB
EDM Council Releases its First Formal Ontology Standard
FIBO Foundations Approved as Official OMG Standard
02 June 2015 - 264.93KB


OFR’s Advisory Committee issues a unanimous recommendation on ontology
Article published by Semantic Web
04 March 2014 - 202.91KB
Article: Semanticweb.com
'Interest Grows in Riding the Semantic Wave'
09 January 2014 - 91.83KB


How FIBO Will Clean Up Finance
Article published by Collaborative Planning & Social Business (http://social-biz.org)
18 November 2013 - 106.84KB
FIBO Technology Summit
Financial industry and Sem Tech leaders discuss ontology evaluation tools, FLORA-2′s potential, and more.
11 June 2013 - 315.34KB
FIBO Foundations Approved by OMG as Standard
FIBO on Track to Become a Global Financial Technology Standard
22 October 2013 - 81.77KB
FIBO, BigData and Smart Data Article in American Banker
Article from Tom Steinert-Threlkeld in American Banker: Tame Risk with Smart Data, Not Big Data.
06 March 2013 - 72.14KB
EDM Council Holds Inaugural FIBO Technology Summit
Technology Experts Explore Process for Sustainable Industry Collaboration on the Use of Semantics for Systemic Risk Applications
09 July 2013 - 80.51KB
CUSIP Global Services, Partners with CICI Utility to Enhance and Expand Legal Entity Identification
Collaboration will Support New NAIC Reporting Requirements and Issuer Identification
01 March 2013 - 80.14KB
GARP Article 'Semantics: The Next Big Issue In Big Data For Compliance'  
01 July 2013 - 216.82KB
EDM Council Appoints Dennis Wisnosky to Lead FIBO Standards Implementation
Press Release: Former CTO of Department of Defense Business Mission Area to Direct New Suite of Standards
11 February 2013 - 31.70KB
Enterprise Data Management Council FIBO Initiative Receives Top Honors at Ontology Summit 2013
Hackathon spotlights new automated ontology development and evaluation processes and standards
11 June 2013 - 66.07KB


Treasury Announces Members for New Financial Research Advisory Committee
The U.S. Treasury announced the thirty distinguished professionals in economics, finance, financial services, data management, risk management, and IT, who will serve on the Financial Research Advisory Committee of the Office of Financial Research (OFR).
14 November 2012 - 74.04KB
CFTC Names DTCC/SWIFT as CICI Provider
The CFTC officially named DTCC and SWIFT as the official providers of the CFTC Interim Counterparty Identifier (CICI).
24 July 2012 - 226.88KB
The Evolving Role of the CDO
An interview with John Bottega, CDO Bank of America published by Wall Street Technology
25 October 2012 - 379.54KB
BofA’s New Black-Belt Data Chief Targets Blinding Gaps
The appointment of John Bottega to Bank of America Corp. Article published by Bloomberg
08 May 2012 - 64.90KB
EDM Council Plans to Show Semantic Solution for LEI at Next Week’s FSB Meeting
Published in Reference Data Review
10 October 2012 - 47.52KB
For Wall Street Overseer, Progress Comes at a Crawl
Leading a new federal agency intended to help prevent another financial crisis may seem like a dream job for most economic gurus, but the nomination has been painfully slow. Article posted to New York Times
03 January 2012 - 95.78KB


Big Data: Harnessing a Game-Changing Asset
Article published by Economist Intell Unit on the opportunities good data management bring to a firm
30 December 2011 - 992.03KB
G-20 Communiqué
Report from G-20 meeting in Paris on priorities for financial stability .
15 October 2011 - 91.78KB
Silos Are Good For Farmers, Not So Good For Banks
Article published in Forbes
21 December 2011 - 37.07KB
Update on the Dodd-Frank Data Developments Like LEI from EDM Council
Tom Groenfeldt, Forbes
05 September 2011 - 42.59KB
Obama Nominates Berner for New Treasury Post
Article in Financial Times
17 December 2011 - 64.77KB
Global Bank Regulation - Stranded in the U.S?
An article by Tom Groenfeldt
30 June 2011 - 71.70KB
Does John Bottega's Hire as B of A's Chief Data Officer Mean the CDO is Back?
Article in Bank Technology News
15 December 2011 - 49.30KB
Financial industry Trade Associations Coalition Releases Framework for a Global Legal Identifier System
Press Release surrounding proposal for a global LEI solution
03 May 2011 - 345.66KB
Bank of America Names John Bottega Chief Data Officer
Press Release: Bank of America announced today that John Bottega has joined the company as Chief Data Officer.
13 December 2011 - 71.68KB
OMG to Bolster EDM Council Semantics Repository with Established Framework
Report published by A-Team Group on EDM Council - OMG relationship
30 March 2011 - 66.28KB


A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste
The sheer volume of data owned by banks and businesses can make its management unpalatable. But the consequences of ignoring it are increasingly grim. An article published in IBS Journal.
01 July 2010 - 124.78KB
Reed Proposes Financial Risk Data Clearinghouse
The National Institute of Finance is an idea whose time appears to have come. An article published by Bank Systems & Technology/Wall Street & Technology
22 February 2010 - 51.54KB
The Government's 'Canary in a Coal Mine'
The Office of Financial Research (OFR) occupies just 20 pages in the Senate Banking Committee's massive 1,336-page financial reform bill-but its importance far outstrips the brief space devoted to it.
10 April 2010 - 68.88KB
Swaps Sleuths Are the Fix for Too Tangled to Fail
An article published by Bloomberg Business Week
18 February 2010 - 61.45KB
Data Management Update: 2010
an update published by Aite Group.
26 March 2010 - 127.45KB
Fed's Tarullo Pushes for Mandatory Reference Data Reporting and Standardisation
An article published by A-Team Group
18 February 2010 - 56.80KB
EDM Council Elaborates on the industry Group's Progress
An article published by A-Team Group
25 February 2010 - 97.20KB
Smart Regulation: Is it Possible?
Aite Group report on the pending changes in the legislative process
29 January 2010 - 236.30KB
Senator Reed SPonsors Legislation Creating Executive Agency to Collect Data on Systemic Risk
An article published on jimhamiltonblog.blogspot.com
25 February 2010 - 54.87KB
FSTC Article: Data Requirements for Systemic Risk
Article produced by Mike Atkin for the Financial Services Technology Consortia's magazine "The Innovator"
20 January 2010 - 42.58KB


A-Team Group: Harnessing Data for Better Valuations
Data Management Survey 2009
02 November 2009 - 1.51MB
Early Warning Market System Gains Steam in Wash, Wall St
An article published in The Wall Street Journal
31 August 2009 - 135.33KB
Before Dealing with Systemic Risk, How About Getting Data on it?
Article published in Securities Industry News
16 September 2009 - 54.30KB
In Search of the Gold Standard
Article published in Enterprise Risk Management
09 July 2009 - 30.39KB
Data Management : Thinking Small
Tips for pragmatic data management. An article published in Financial-i
03 September 2009 - 182.27KB
The Data Dilema
An Article published in Incisive Media, Risk Management
01 July 2009 - 69.22KB
New Regulatory Body Promoted to Standardize Financial Data
An article published in Financial Adviser
03 September 2009 - 189.52KB
Reengineering Financial Services
Article published in CEO Magazine
01 July 2009 - 132.72KB
US NIF and ECB's Reference Data Untility Need Clarify and Strong Leadership
An article published in A-Team Insight
31 August 2009 - 315.06KB
EDM: The Road Map Ahead
Article published in Institutional Investor defining the pathway forward for data management
01 April 2009 - 68.90KB


Institutions Join EDM Council to Collaborate on Changing Enterprise Data Manangement Practices  
18 November 2008 - 214.02KB
EDM Council Marks Third Anniversary
Press Release: EDM Council sees data emerging as fourth horizontal function within financial institutions
10 June 2008 - 115.83KB
Operational Risk and the Importance of Accurate Business Entity Identification
An article written by Michael Atkin for Vision 2010, SIBOS edition
27 August 2008 - 1.35MB
Shifting Data from Task to Strategic Priority
Excerpts from roundtable discussion hosted by Windows in Financial Services and moderated by EDM Council
04 June 2008 - 538.76KB


Fifteen Global Financial Services Institutions Elect to Join the EDM Council Board of Directors, Reflecting EDM Momentum  
05 December 2007 - 29.30KB
Data Quality Is the Objective
Contributed Article by Mike Atkin to DM Review on data quality and its relationship to supply chain management.
26 February 2007 - 26.79KB
EDM Council Completes Data Quality Metrics Pilot
Press Release: Enterprise Data Management Council tackles the elusive challenge of generating verifiable business metrics
02 May 2007 - 21.15KB
Delivering Business Value Through Enterprise Data Management
White paper authored by BearingPoint on the drivers and challenges related to EDM implementation.
22 February 2007 - 395.85KB
EDM Council Members Work with DTCC to Standardize Financial Instrument Terms and Definitions  
24 April 2007 - 19.94KB
EDM Council Names Michael Atkin Managing Director
Industry advocate to guide Council’s evolution as the mechanism for the financial services industry to address its data management challenges
13 February 2007 - 91.83KB
Building a Sustainable Data Management Strategy
Contributed article to Vision 2010 on EDM drivers
01 March 2007 - 54.00KB
Business Information Challenge... Transforming Data into Knowledge
Article published in "Financial World" magazine making the connection between EDM and risk management.
01 February 2007 - 26.25KB
Looking Into the EDM Crystal Ball
Contributed article written for Reference Data Review on current status and core trends related to EDM
28 February 2007 - 87.91KB
ADP Brokerage Services, Deutsche Borse/Avox and Standard & Poor's Join EDM Council
Press Release: First service provider, exchange and data vendor join as organizational sponsors as overall membership grows 69% in six months
17 January 2007 - 26.29KB


EDM Council Meets in New York
To discuss business case and implementation best practice research for Enterprise Data Management
22 December 2006 - 78.16KB
s Define Hierarchy of Priorities on Path to Achieving Enterprise-Wide Data Management
EDM Council Executive Advisory Board convenes in NY and London to prioritize Council agenda and confirm key Enterprise Data Management (EDM) requirements
30 May 2006 - 26.74KB
Momentum Builds Behind the EDM Council as European Executives Join in London
Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategies recognized as the route to achieving improved operational efficiencies and business success
02 November 2006 - 87.08KB
EDM Council Meets in New York to Discuss Business Case and Implementation Best Practice Research
Press Release: EDM Council membership experiences over 70% growth in four months
13 March 2006 - 78.16KB
Council Sets Agenda to Advance EDM as a Core Operational Infrastructure
Press Release: EDM Council consolidates research findings, recognizes progress within the financial services industry and proposes plan of action to facilitate enterprise-wide data management
24 October 2006 - 47.25KB
Enterprise Data Management: Making the Transition from Why to How
Contributed article to Waters Magazine on the rationale for EDM
01 March 2006 - 289.02KB
Inaugural Session of EDM Council Outlines Key Industry Initiatives
Financial Institutions meet to discuss strategies for managing data as an enterprise resource
23 August 2006 - 87.42KB
EDM Council Names Michael Atkin Managing Director
Industry advocate to guide Council’s evolution as the mechanism for the financial services industry to address its data management challenges
13 February 2006 - 91.83KB


Momentum Builds Behind the EDM Council as European Executives Join in London
Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategies recognized as the route to achieving improved operational efficiencies and business success
02 November 2005 - 87.08KB
EDM Council is Launched
Press Release: Industry vendors and financial institutions team-up to support and promote Enterprise Data Management (EDM) as an industry initiative for today’s complex data management challenges.
08 June 2005 - 83.56KB
Inaugural Session of EDM Council Outlines Key Industry Initiatives
Press release following inaugural Advisory Meeting of EDM Council
23 August 2005 - 87.42KB