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Privacy Statement

The EDM Council respects the privacy of all visitors to this site.  Please read our Privacy Policy carefully so that you can understand how we collect and use the personal information that you provide to us.

By submitting your personal data to us, you will be treated as having given your permission for disclosures referred to in this policy. If you do not want to recieve emails from us in the future, please let us know by sending an email to info@edmcouncil.org advising us that you do not want to recieve emails from the Council.  Please provide us with your exact name and email address. 

What Information Does EDM Council Collect ?

Most data EDM Council collects are not personal but business related to help EDM Council better serve its members.

To gain access to the EDM Council web site users are asked to provide some limited information; name, job title, company, business phone and email, as well as preferences for engagement in EDM Council activities.  EDM Council does not collect home phone numbers or home e-mail accounts, except from those specifically requesting home office correspondence.  

Members may choose to provide EDM Council with their credit card accounts to make payments. This information is to be submitted to the Council through membership applications.

How Does EDM Council Use Data Collected?

EDM Council uses information voluntarily submitted by members and non-members in the following ways:

  • To keep EDM Council member and non-member users updated on Council activities and events, industry updates as well as to provide information, that we believe will benefit the industry, about other members events, products or services.
  • In the course of normal duties and in response to the requirements of Working Group participation EDM Council facilitates introductions between members.
  • To support open industry discussion the EDM Council provides access to an online 'members only' database.  This is provided as a look up table and is not to use used as a sales tool. Members can manage their own profile and can 'opt out' at any point.  

EDM Council does not sell or allow non-member third parties to use the names or other information collected. 

EDM Council does not disclose credit card information provided by its members.  When members choose to pay using credit cards EDM Council submits the information needed to secure payment to the appropriate clearing house and then deletes the original information. 

Will This Privacy Policy Change?

From time to time we may make changes to this privacy policy. If we make any changes to this privacy policy and the way in which we use your personal data we will post these changes on this web page. 

How Can You Contact Us?

If at any time you would like to discuss our privacy policy, please email us as info@edmcouncil.org