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Application and Membership Agreement for Tier B Membership

The EDM Council (the "Council"), founded in June 2005, is a non-profit 501©(6) and membership owned business forum for financial institutions providing a meeting ground for financial institutions, suppliers and affiliates. The EDM Council Board of Directors has established a fixed annual membership fee of US$15,000 for each financial institution that is a Tier B Membership of the Council. This membership fee covers the entire employee base of the institution with no limit on the number of employees eligible to participate in the activities of the Council. Your submission of this application and receipt of such by the Council indicates your agreement to pay the membership fee and your acceptance of the terms and conditions associated with membership in the Council as outlined in the EDM Council By-Laws and Rights and Obligations.

Tier B Membership criteria
Consolidated Capital $500M-$10B, Assets under Management $50B-$200B, Assets under Custody $100B-$1,000B

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Business Terms

Renewal of contract on anniversary date. Invoices on an annual basis.
Payment due within 30 days of contract commencement and renewal.
Member reserves the right to cancel membership renewal at any point up to 30 days prior to end of coverage period.

I accept the EDM Council Business Terms, Bylaws and Rights and Obligations