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Mapador International Inc.

Mapador Inc. provides sophisticated technology and expertise to enable the quick and correct understanding of business or IT applications. The portfolio map we create allows organizations to confidently plan and implement business and technology change, large or small, on time and on budget.

Over the past decade, the company has written, researched, standardized and unified parsers into a comprehensive implementation and delivery container that allows the standard creation and presentation of application maps, regardless of platform or language. The technology behind Mapador has served clients worldwide for well over a decade and has intelligently parsed more than 200 million lines of code, written in over 50 different languages.

Mapador Inc. also offers the only practical methodology in the marketplace focused on stakeholder involvement, an often neglected but key component of success. Principles behind the methodology were drawn from the experience of senior, C-level managers and combined with industry best practices to ensure the successful planning and implementation of change.

In response to client needs, we continue to evolve our technology to include out-of-the-box coverage for more and more languages and platforms. We do so by utilizing our internally developed parser generators or by integrating available open source parsers into the Mapador framework.

For more information on Mapador International Inc., please visit www.mapador.com

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