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ICX4 Ltd

ICX4 Ltd, through its businessDNA Information Framework, provide an end to end service  that can extract, clean, enrich, cross reference  information from all the key business platforms  and information sources used by a firm (both internal and external) and then inform the firm about that data in a real world context.

ICX4 Ltd are one of the new wave of EDM services that achieve rapid, accurate results by knowing the end state of the data you need – finding all the occurrences of that data inside the firm and making sense of it and its relationships  – makes the whole process a simpler, more accurate and faster business proposition. So we built businessDNA

business DNA – Is a business taxonomy service that combines Corporate and Institutional Reference Data (Global Company data, Global Fund data), Market Reference Data (exchange based market data from 250+ exchanges, across 135 countries, Consumer Reference Data (country by country credit reference, electoral rolls, national registers  – subject to local data protection rules) and Geographic Reference Data (internal and external address based reference of entities at each address country by country) into a single business reference data service that can be referenced stand alone or integrated into a firms systems to rapidly create a single, multi-dimensional reference data services that holds a cross referenced universe of externally verified Identifiers that connect a firms client and product entities to their external representation

businessDNA -  encapsulates a complete data universe’s for each type of entity inside a pre-defined, cross referenced business entity model – maps each entity and its interaction with other entities through events automatically  as a one off or as an on-going service

businessDNA – by starting with as complete a data universe as is commercially available from a variety of market leading providers in their field –  The Information framework  has a built in taxonomy that provides the means to find nearly every company, person or market quoted product that a firm has a relationship with from the ‘outside in’ – we have an end state, externally verified single version of the truth to validate, assess and inform.

businessDNA – offers  a combination of a verified end state to match against together with an end to end platform that creates a persistent set of master records from that matched data which can be used to fix the source systems data and associate additional information that is such a compelling and market leading business solution

All of which can be implemented without the need for a major project or resources from the firm to make it happen.

For more information on ICX4 Ltd, please visit www.icx4.com

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