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LEI Archive

This page contains documents and presentations relating to LEI.  Documents are presented here in order, most recent first.


LEI System – Data Collection for Direct and Ultimate Parents
LEI ROC: Collecting data on direct and ultimate parents of legal entities in the Global LEI System – Phase 1
10 March 2016 - 301.98KB


EIOPA Issues Mandatory Guidance for use of LEI
Published by European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
11 September 2014 - 233.77KB
LEI Board of Directors Nominations
FSB Proposed nominees to the Board of Directors of the Global LEI Foundation
14 January 2014 - 31.39KB


European Banking Authority’s draft recommendation on the use of the Legal Entity Identifier  
02 December 2013 - 356.82KB
OFR’s LEI Responses to FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions: Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
20 February 2013 - 95.67KB
CUSIP Global Services, Partners with CICI Utility to Enhance and Expand Legal Entity Identification
Collaboration will Support New NAIC Reporting Requirements and Issuer Identification
01 March 2013 - 80.14KB
Financial Reporting Terms and Definition
e-CFR Definitions
28 January 2013 - 36.50KB


4th FSB Progress Note on LEI
This is the fourth of a series of notes on the implementation of the legal entity identifier (LEI) initiative.
11 December 2012 - 78.41KB
Overview of FIBO-Business Entities
A diagrammatic explanation of FIBO-Business Entities as a conceptual ontology. This version is in pdf format.
28 September 2012 - 4.70MB
CICI LEI Utility
A practical guide jointly published by DTCC and SWIFT on the CICI Utility & the progress towards a global LEI solution
20 November 2012 - 544.59KB
LEI - Call for members for the FSB Legal Entity Identifier Private Sector Preparatory Group
FSB call for interest from private sector experts to support the launch of a global LEI system by March 2013. Nominations and indications of interest are due by Wednesday 11 July 2012.
03 July 2012 - 21.39KB
FIBO-Business Entities (Business Conceptual Ontology) slide deck
A diagrammatic explanation of FIBO-Business Entities as a conceptual ontology. This version is a .pptx slide deck with associated notes.
28 September 2012 - 673.78KB
FSB Report on LEI to G20
35 recommendations for the development and implementation of the global LEI system as well as a set of “high level principles” outlining the objectives of the global LEI system.
08 June 2012 - 601.78KB


Joint Letter on the Use of LEI
Addressed to participants at the Financial Stability Board meeting
22 November 2011 - 41.51KB
LEI Requirements Development Process
Status of the joint EDM Council/SIFMA selection of the candidate to implement LEI
08 February 2011 - 22.68KB
LEI Recommendation to OFR
Created by a coalition of global financial institutions and trade associations and presented to OFR. Recommendation for ISO 17442 as the new standard, SWIFT as the registration authority, DTCC/Avox as the facilities manager plus coordination with ANNA on QA process and implementation.
08 July 2011 - 334.19KB
LEI Requirements Template
Draft template for collection of financial institution requirements for LEI. This will become the requirements document (RFP) for the standards candidates
01 February 2011 - 103.16KB
LEI Solicitation of Interest
This is the final SOI document for organizations interested in participating in the
15 May 2011 - 252.78KB
Council Comments: OFR Policy Statement on Entity ID
This is our official response to the US Department of Treasury on behalf of the Office of Financial Research
26 January 2011 - 47.12KB
Requirements for a Global LEI Solution
Proposal generated by the industry identifying the requirements for a gloal LEI solution
03 May 2011 - 2.01MB


Fed Reserve: Need for Standardized LEI
US regulatory agencies concept paper on entity identification setting out the requirements and principles associated with the entity ID. This paper coincides with the policy release by the OFR and the draft rule on derivatives submitted by the SEC/CFTC
15 December 2010 - 577.27KB
Working documents: Data Attributes Required for Uniqueness
Discussed during meetings held with US regulators and financial institutions on the SWIFT proposal related to entity identification.
26 April 2010 - 26.00KB
OFR Policy Statement on Entity ID
1st official act of the Office of Financial Research. This statement makes the process associated with implementation official. Quote… "if a LEI is established to the satisfaction the Office by July 15, 2011, the Office, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Council, plans to issue a regulation mandating the use of such a standard for data reported to the Office."
24 November 2010 - 60.06KB
SWIFT: Background LEI Document
Working Documents from discussions on entity identification
14 April 2010 - 179.59KB
Summary Report on LEI discussions
Report on discussions held with US regulators and financial institutions on the SWIFT proposal related to entity identification.
28 April 2010 - 32.77KB


BEI Implementation Specification
Joint Research between EDM Council and Swift to validate the requirements for a Business Entity Identifier.
30 January 2009 - 39.30KB


Business Entity Identification Research
Result of primary research by the EDM Council and BearingPoint on the business justification case for an international business entity identifier.
29 April 2008 - 107.20KB