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Financial Industry Business Ontology™


Full access of all FIBO Content is available at https://spec.edmcouncil.org/fibo

FIBO consists of 11 core domains, 49 modules and 418 ontology files (list of modules).  There are two published releases of FIBO.  FIBO Production (content verified by subject matter experts) and FIBO Development (includes all of FIBO Production well as defined content that has gone through an initial round of review and conceptual content that has not been verified by SMEs).  FIBO is expressed in six ways:

  • OWL – the systems of record for FIBO
  • UML/SMIF Diagrams – structured views for SME review
  • SKOS – linked vocabulary from OWL
  • Glossary – HTML terms and definitions
  • Schema.org – FIBO mapped for web applications
  • Published – specification standard published by OMG 

Contribute to FIBO: Developer’s Guide Instructions

Semantic Tooling 

FIBO is being developed continuously by Teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Organized in to FIBO Content Teams (FCTs).  FIBO is published quarterly on  https://spec.edmcouncil.org/fibo in the formats listed above using a state of the art tool set described on https://spec.edmcouncil.org 

In addition, the EDM Council is working in collaboration with many companies to offer open, easy access to FIBO content for discovery and analysis. Available now are:

There are also a number of FIBO Consultants working with the Council.

Additional vendors and consultants are encouraged to develop products and practices based on FIBO and to join the FIBO team

For more information on FIBO™, and/or to join a FIBO Team, contact Mike Bennett, Head of Semantics and Standards at the Council offices in London +44 (0)20 7917 9522 or to Dennis Wisnosky , Strategic Consultant to the Council for FIBO™ implementation +1 630 240 6910.