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FIBO for schema.org

An extension to schema.org based on Financial Industry Business Ontology

The Schema.org financial extension aligned with the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBOTM) is a project initiated by the EDM Council in 2015. 

The main objective of the project is to create a financial extension of the schema.org vocabulary on the basis of expert knowledge and know-how of members of the FIBO Content Team involved in creating the Financial Industry Business Ontology. 

The project has been divided into three steps: 

Step one consists in a proposal of a limited core vocabulary for schema.org, containing the majority of basic terms used in descriptions of financial products.

Step two will be a proposal for a fibo.schema.org “hosted extension”, containing more advanced and precise terms, aligned with the Financial Industry Business Ontology.

Step three will be the creation of an external extension (e.g. schema.fibo.org) that will ensure complete alignment with FIBO.


MakoLab SA has been engaged by the EDM Council for technical development of the extensions.   Principals on the Team are Mirek Sopek, Richard Wallis and Martin Hepp, working under the direction of FIBO Project Manager, Dennis Wisnosky and David Newman, Strategic Planning Manager, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy, Wells Fargo (and Chair EDM Council FIBO Initiative).

A public working platform, with the goal to support the creation of these extensions and enable relevant discussions, is running as a W3C Community Group at https://www.w3.org/community/fibo/