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FIBO Archive

This page contains documents and presentations from the semantics work since its inception.  Documents are presented here in order, most recent first.


FIBO Standard Major Technical Release
A summary of the enhancements and updates in this major technical release of FIBO
16 October 2017 - 323.58KB
FIBO Status and Access Instructions
Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). Status as of May 2017
30 May 2017 - 320.96KB
FIBO™ Build, Test, Deploy and Maintain Methodology
Produced by the FIBO Leadership Team including Finance Industry and Ontology specialists with many years of practical experience.
30 September 2017 - 2.11MB
List of FIBO Domains and Modules
FIBO contents: FIBO a fully integrated ontology covering the complexity of financial, legal and contractual obligations.
27 April 2017 - 481.80KB
Operational Applications of FIBO for Risk
Demonstration of how FIBO works and the capabilities associated with mapping, aggregation, data validation and inference processing for Risk Management. Presented by David Newman, Wells Fargo
28 June 2017 - 10.07MB


FIBO Implications for Blockchain
Presentation by David Newman SVP, Strategic Planning Manager, Innovation Group, Wells Fargo Bank Chair, FIBO Program, Enterprise Data Management Council
29 April 2016 - 4.19MB
Report to Members: January 2016
Highlights of core EDM Council initiatives
21 January 2016 - 234.94KB


Addressing Emerging Global Standards
Presented at GRCTC Annual GRC Symposium 2015, Dublin, October 2015
30 October 2015 - 7.45MB
FIBO Infrastructure Support for Follow Your Nose IRIs
Process review for FIBO ontologies.
06 April 2015 - 578.10KB
FIBO Overview
FIBO™ The Next Generation Data Standard For The Financial Industry
10 October 2015 - 4.69MB
What is FIBO?
Introductory presentation by David Newman, Wells Fargo, for FIMA
01 April 2015 - 3.05MB
Response to CPMI-IOSCO on the Harmonization of Key OTC Derivatives Data Elements
EDM Council response to the consultative report on the harmonization of key OTC derivatives data elements recommending an evaluation of FIBO to acheive the goals of both derivatives transparency and overall financial stability analysis.
06 October 2015 - 20.69KB
FIBO Resources: Membership Engagement Process  
02 February 2015 - 363.31KB
FIBO Roadmap
Proposed development schedule for FIBO. This working document identifies all domains to be included in the specification, mapping of the relationship/dependencies and defines the precedence for development.
03 September 2015 - 383.77KB
Ontology Criteria for Financial Instrument Database (February 2015)
A set of general criteria for financial ontologies contributing to the OFR’s FIRD ontology objective. Developed by the Data and Technology FRAC subcommittee.
01 February 2015 - 63.34KB
FIBO Webinar on Regulation W (slideshow)
Proof of Concept for Reg W using FIBO: Transforming Laws, Regulations and Policies into Ontologies and Business Rules
03 September 2015 - 7.17MB
FIBO Engagement Process Webinar (slideshow)
Presentations from; Dennis Wisnosky (EDM Council), Dean Allemang (Working Ontologist), Mike Bennett (EDM Council), Richard Beatch (Bloomberg), Lynn Calahan (Wells Fargo) and David Newman (Wells Fargo) presented January 21, 2015
21 January 2015 - 6.01MB
EDM Council, OMG Build a Rosetta Stone for Data
Article published in FTF News: FIBO’s goal of becoming the Rosetta Stone for data and its importance for standardizing data reporting in light of current and upcoming regulations.
21 July 2015 - 101.23KB
FIBO Securities Content Team Meeting: January 12, 2015
High-level overview of financial instruments and securities
13 January 2015 - 2.22MB
FIBO Meeting Standard
Process standards for the FIBO Content Team meetings
30 June 2015 - 890.02KB
FIBO Loans Overview
Loans FIBO Content Team: Understanding the Legacy “Red” FIBO
08 January 2015 - 1.37MB
Updating FIBO - A Process Guide
This document sets out the practical steps to be followed by FIBO Content Teams and others when working with and updating FIBO content within the FIBO GitHub ecosystem.
30 June 2015 - 7.60MB


FIBO Development Scenario
Proposed development schedule for FIBO across reference data (product) semantics, market data (time and date) semantics and process related semantics. The development schedule identifies all domains to be included in the specification, maps the relationship/dependencies and defines the precedence for development.
17 December 2014 - 164.39KB
FIBO Crosses the Chasm
Presentation by Dennis Wisnosky to OMG Semantics Workshop explaining the strategy behind the FIBO Content Team (FCT) roll out plan
26 March 2014 - 5.20MB
EDM Council Report to Members, FIBO Engagement Model
Outlines the new structured process for members to engage in the FIBO components.
11 December 2014 - 264.64KB
The Perfect Storm
Opening remarks by Michael Atkin: Semantics, Crossing the Chasm Workshop March 26, 2014
26 March 2014 - 88.06KB
FIBO Development Scenario
Proposed development schedule for FIBO across reference data (product) semantics, market data (time and date) semantics and process related semantics. The development schedule identifies all domains to be included in the specification, maps the relationship/dependencies and defines the precedence for development.
12 September 2014 - 707.93KB
FIBO PoC for Regulation-W
A major use of FIBO will be to enable unambiguous understanding of Laws, Regulations and Policies. A team lead by Wells-Fargo and including industry leaders from SRI International, Coherent knowledge and Cork University College presented a live demonstration of a proof of concept using Regulation-W. The results of this effort are detailed in the referenced document.
21 March 2014 - 144.98KB
FIBO Briefing (Sept 2014)
FIBO: A common Language for the financial industry. Presented by David Newman (Wells Fargo)
11 September 2014 - 1.94MB
FIBO PoC for Regulation-W (ppt)
Presentation on transforming laws, regulations and policies into ontologies and business rules. given at OMG Semantics Workshop (powerpoint format)
21 March 2014 - 1.12MB
Teaching Computers to Understand Meaning
Ontology-Driven Semantics article published by Forbes
25 August 2014 - 688.51KB
FIBO PoC for Regulation-W (slide show)
Presentation on transforming laws, regulations and policies into ontologies and business rules. given at OMG Semantics Workshop (slideshow format)
21 March 2014 - 1.11MB
FIBO : A Transformational Ontology for Wall Street
Introductory presentation given at 2014 Semantic Technology and Business Conference, CA, USA
21 August 2014 - 1.74MB
FRAC (US Treasury’s OFR) recommendation for the adoption of ontology
The Financial Research Advisory Committee (FRAC) of the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (OFR) unanimously recommended the adoption of ontology as a significant part of OFR’s response to the DFA requirement to ‘prepare and publish’ a financial instrument database. FRAC further recommended that OFR evaluate private sector initiatives (FIBO) to assess how the ontology can contribute to the goals of transparency and financial stability analysis.
25 February 2014 - 85.46KB
Formal Remarks on the Concept of 'Data as Infrastructure'
Presentation narration that focuses on the three critical standards developments (SGML, HTML and RDF/OWL) that are at the core of knowledge management and critical for financial organizations.
13 May 2014 - 64.04KB
Article: Semanticweb.com
'Interest Grows in Riding the Semantic Wave'
09 January 2014 - 91.83KB


FIBO Briefing (Dec 2013)
FIBO: A common Language for the financial industry. Presented by David Newman (Wells Fargo)
19 December 2013 - 3.39MB
Enterprise Data Management Council FIBO Initiative Receives Top Honors at Ontology Summit 2013
Hackathon spotlights new automated ontology development and evaluation processes and standards
11 June 2013 - 66.07KB
Article on Investment in Semantic Technology
Why the Titans of Business Are Investing Billions in Semantic Technology. Article published by SYS-CON MEDIA
18 December 2013 - 247.90KB
FIBO Technology Summit
Financial industry and Sem Tech leaders discuss ontology evaluation tools, FLORA-2′s potential, and more.
11 June 2013 - 315.34KB
FIBO Overview for FSB Working Group on OTC Aggregation
Presentation to Financial Stability Board, Basel.with accompanying notes
18 November 2013 - 789.36KB
FIBO an Emerging Industry Standard for Risk Management, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
Presentation by David Newman (Wells Fargo)
25 April 2013 - 4.12MB
How FIBO Will Clean Up Finance
Article published by Collaborative Planning & Social Business (http://social-biz.org)
18 November 2013 - 106.84KB
FIBO Technology Summit Concept Outline
Background hypothesis for the FIBO Technology Summit June 4-5, 2013
02 April 2013 - 110.92KB
FIBO Technology Summit Report
The Summit brought together a community of the best minds in the Ontology community to focus on critical technology and collaboration needs to support the Finance Industry. The result was a roadmap in each of the need areas as well as a broad list of recommendations.
18 November 2013 - 7.54MB
FIBO Operational Ontologies Demonstration
Presented to CFTC by David Newman and Dennis Wisnosky
19 March 2013 - 3.85MB
FIBO Relationships to Exsisitng Standards  
17 November 2013 - 79.26KB
FIBO, BigData and Smart Data Article in American Banker
Article from Tom Steinert-Threlkeld in American Banker: Tame Risk with Smart Data, Not Big Data.
06 March 2013 - 72.14KB
FIBO Foundations Approved by OMG as Standard
FIBO on Track to Become a Global Financial Technology Standard
22 October 2013 - 81.77KB
Financial Reporting Terms and Definition
e-CFR Definitions
28 January 2013 - 36.50KB
OMG Technical Meeting (Panel Discussion)
The Business Case for Financial Data Semantics - The notes from a moderated panel discussion from OMG Technical Meeting, New Brunswick, September 25, 2013
25 September 2013 - 85.52KB
FIBO Business Ontology - Best Practice for Managing Big Data
Presentation by Mike Bennett to Bank of England, Centre for Central Banking Studies
17 January 2013 - 492.53KB
GARP Article 'Semantics: The Next Big Issue In Big Data For Compliance'  
01 July 2013 - 216.82KB
Value of FIBO for Risk Analysis
An overview of the significance from implementing FIBO in risk analysis
11 January 2013 - 31.73KB


Presentation to FSB on FIBO Business Entity
Background for FSB Private Sector Preparatory Group
15 October 2012 - 2.81MB
Operational Semantics
Presentation prepared by David Newman on the operational implementation of FIBO.
01 June 2012 - 1.55MB
FIBO-Business Entities (Business Conceptual Ontology) slide deck
A diagrammatic explanation of FIBO-Business Entities as a conceptual ontology. This version is a .pptx slide deck with associated notes.
28 September 2012 - 673.78KB
Demystifying Financial Industry Semantics
An introduction to Semantics and Financial Industry Business Ontology presented by Mike Bennett.
13 March 2012 - 1.91MB
Overview of FIBO-Business Entities
A diagrammatic explanation of FIBO-Business Entities as a conceptual ontology. This version is in pdf format.
28 September 2012 - 4.70MB
FIBO in Operations
An overview of the semantics OTC Derivatives POC presented by David Newman, Wells Fargo.
13 March 2012 - 3.89MB
FIBO for Risk
Presentation by David Newman (Wells Fargo) and Mike Bennett (EDM Council) at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference
05 June 2012 - 1.65MB


CFTC Final Rulemaking for Data Reporting
The CFTC released its notification of final rulemaking for issues related to data recordkeeping and reporting.
21 December 2011 - 1.45MB
Socializing Common Ontology
Possible ways in which terms from a recognized and attested ontology may be incorporated or referenced within the Semantics Repository
16 May 2011 - 203.89KB
CFTC Semantics Working Group
Presentation to the CFTC’s Data Standardization Subcommittee by our working group on semantics
13 December 2011 - 3.22MB
OMG Standard for Semantics Repository
Minutes of the first official working meeting between OMG and the Council to structure the workstreams and define the deliverables
21 April 2011 - 102.20KB
OTC Proof of Concept Presentation
Presentation by David Newman, Wells Fargo, outlining the use of semantics for describing and analyzing OTC derivatives.
28 November 2011 - 5.71MB
EDMC-OMG Workstream Definitions and Objectives, April 20
Slides outlining the goals and success criteria for the joint (EDM Council - OMG) working groups.
20 April 2011 - 84.64KB
Semantic Use Cases for OTC Derivatives
Presented to CFTC Technical Advisory Committee on the use of semantics to meet regulatory objectives
13 September 2011 - 123.43KB
Presentation: EDMC-OMG WG, 13 April
Planning meeting between EDM Council and OMG to commence joint working group
13 April 2011 - 923.12KB
FPML Derivatives Product Registry
ISDA White Paper on Product Representation for Standardized Derivatives
09 June 2011 - 799.19KB
SEC/CFTC Study 719(b) on Derivatives
Joint study on the feasibility of mandating algorithmic descriptions for derivatives
07 April 2011 - 642.20KB
Considerations in Ontology Alignment
This paper describes the EDM Council Semantics Repository and in particular the steps taken to align the content of financial industry semantics with common cross industry terms
16 May 2011 - 163.71KB


Response to SEC/CFTC
Formal comment letter to SEC/CFTC in response to Dodd-Frank mandatory study on using Semantic contractual structure of OTC derivative contracts
16 December 2010 - 58.22KB
Semantics Repository Presentation
Presented by Mike Bennett at National Science Foundation Conference
21 July 2010 - 175.16KB
CFTC Questions on Standards for Derivatives (719 (b) Frank Dodd)
Published questions from Section 719(b) Title VII of Dodd-Frank on feasibility study on the use of semantics to describe the attributes of OTC derivatives.
14 December 2010 - 351.72KB
Semantic Technology Conference 2010
A presentation given by Mike Bennett
23 June 2010 - 1.22MB
Semantics Repository Conceptual Model
A presentation given by Mike Bennett
25 November 2010 - 598.13KB


Semantics Repository Update
Summary of current status and immediate next steps for the Semantic Repository
01 August 2009 - 58.38KB
The Need for Semantics Repositories
Keynote speech by Michael Atkin to the IBM Data Governance Council on the Future of Risk Measurement and Reporting
27 February 2009 - 53.88KB
Progress Report on the Activities of the EDM Council
Status report on the activities and projects of the EDM Council
13 April 2009 - 128.35KB


Overview of Semantics Repository  
15 December 2008 - 42.55KB
Practical Solution to the Problem of 'Meaning'
Article written by Mike Bennett defining the EDM Councils Semantics Repository
15 December 2008 - 29.16KB