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Data Management Maturity Initiative

The Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model defines the ‘what and why’ of data management across core process and important functional areas within an enterprise. It provides standard assessment criteria that organizations can use to evaluate data management activities against documented best practice.

The DMM was created through the collaboration of data management practitioners, operations managers, IT professionals and representatives of lines-of-business across the financial industry. It establishes the assessment criteria and requirements for achieving alignment on strategy, implementing governance mechanisms, managing operational components, defining dependencies, aligning data with IT capabilities, ensuring data quality and integrating data into business processes.

The DMM is the result of a partnership between the EDM Council and the CMMI Institute (a spin off from Carnegie Mellon University). It combines the lessons of the financial industry about the practice of data management with the proven principles of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) with its 20+ year track record as an international standard for process improvement. The combination of the process expertise of the CMMI and the data management best practices independently defined and verified by industry practitioners creates a state-of-the-art framework and methodology for organizations to use to assess themselves and upgrade their management of data as a strategic asset.

Current Status

DMMI Content

Since the release of the DMM Core Content Model to members in June 2012, the Council has been revising it in collaboration with the CMMI Institute, Council members and DMM sponsor firms. We released an updated version of the core model and the accompanying self-assessment spreadsheet in May 2013 and will be releasing a second update (based on the lessons of early adopters) this year.  Working Group Resources.

Following the second release, the Council will initiate another peer review process with participation from both the EDM Council membership and the CMMI partner network. The goal is to ensure alignment of the updated version of the DMM with the practical realities of the way data is managed within member companies. The updated version reflects the comments and suggestions from those that have been using the model as well as the results of our Working Group research on Metadata maturity. The peer review process will help us identify and address gaps in the model as well as ensure that it can be effectively implemented. We anticipate the official release of the model to the public in 2014.

DMMI Facilitated Assessment

The EDM Council and the CMMI Institute are now offering a facilitated assessment service using the DMM to members. The DMM assessment uses a workshop methodology to help members define data management priorities, understand the data dependencies that exist among core functions, develop a common language about data management principles and objectives, assess the current state of their data management capabilities and assemble their data management strategies. The DMM Assessment Workshop consists of:

  1. the assessment preparation (definition of assessment objectives, identification of participants and advance preparation for key executives);
  2. the workshop (a two to three day series of structured meetings resulting in collective evaluation of capabilities for each DMM process area); and
  3. a series of reports on findings (including an evaluation of current state and recommendations) as factors of input for developing a data management strategy

For more information about the Facilitated Assessment please contact Jim Halcomb +1 (314) 875 9099.

Role of the EDM Council

The Council has been documenting best practice in data management as a core objective since it was formed in 2005. The Council serves as facilitator among its diverse membership and provides the engagement model to both capture the requirements associated with data management and organize them for practical implementation. The Council’s goal is to ensure that the DMM accurately describes the components of data management and aligns the dependencies among process areas in line with operational reality.

DMM Contributors

We would like to express our thank to the following who have contributed significantly to the DMM Project. 

Booz Allen Hamilton An active participant in the core development team and the first corporate sponsor of the DMM.   Booz Allen has demonstrated leadership in translating the objectives of data management into implementation reality and has been an invaluable ally in the creation of the DMM initiative.
Bank of America John Bottega
Chartis John Housen
Citi Olga Maydanchik, David Williams
CMMI Institute Melanie Mecca, Lisa Masciantonio, Rusty Young
Deloitte and Touche Roy Ben-Hur, Doug Finn
element-22 Predrag Dizdarevic
Ernst and Young Douglas Nixon
Fannie Mae Funmi Balogun
Fed Reserve of NY Rich White
Kingland Systems Jeff Gorball